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Is there a way in the CUE Driver to set a combination of key to make a specific action ?


for example : can i map the combination [FN]+[1] to launch Mp3 player ?

if not FN, maybe [CTRL] ?


Thanks for your help.


I'm using a strake RGB Keyboard

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Let me second that... I've just been looking for the same thing. My plan was to launch the calculator from [Fn]+[NumEnter] or [RCtrl]+[NumEnter] and such stuff. Maybe double-map the G keys etc...


Actually I'm a bit confused if it really doesn't work, since I thought this would be the most basic part regarding a product that allows me to re-assign every single key..? Having read that I just figured this should work too and it was even more of a reason to get the K95 than the RGB stuff. Are you really sure there is no way? As I was browsing around I learned, that people say some stuff is just "a bit hard to find"..?



Nehow... until we get there: does anyone have suggestions for alternative software that lets one do this?

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Whoa... I just wrote a seriously long answer explaining why this wouldn't work, but when I double-checked my statements I stumbled upon the solution.


Never knew that AHK would catch the whole key press event. Always thoght it would execute the command, but the currently active program would still register the key presses. It's not the case. Cool. Thanks. Although I know and use AHK, I didn't realize it could do *this* :bigeyes: :laughing:




F13 & NumpadEnter::Run calc.exe


Baaaah, it's almost too simple :rolleyes:

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