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Auto Switching Profile not working anymore


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the CUE driver is very defficult to understand.


i made 2 profiles to do some test.

the 2nd profile was activated automaticaly when launching a game.

for now it worked fine, switching to game profile when playing, and coming back to default profile when exiting.


But, i store de default profile to the keyboard memory, and since, the auto switching do not work anymore.

how can i do to make the auto switching working again ?


I'm using a strake RGB Keyboard

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It is


i tried selecting the default manually, then select automatic again, and launch the game, still not working.

i tried to select the 2nd profile whit right click on the icon, the color do not change, but it does when selecting it in the main program windows.


automatic do not work since i write the default profile on the keyboard memory.

can i erase it from the memory ?

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There is no way to erase a profile from device memory; however, the issue you're describing should not be caused by saving a profile to device memory. Lets try and figure out where the problem is...


So your sure Automatic profile switching is enabled. Your task tray menu should look like this.




If that's the case and your profile is still not automatically switching, make sure you have linked the profile to the correct EXE. For example, this is a picture of my profile settings for Google Chrome.


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