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H100i problem


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Do a control please.


This is how it should be connected:


1. Connections:

- 3PIN connector of the CPU block to CPU header on Motherboard

- Y connector to CPU block

- 2 x 4PIN fans to the Y connector (connected to the coolers CPU block)

- Data cable to CPU block , other end to USB header


2. Bios setup:

- CPU fan controller disabled / manual 100% / full speed


3. Corsair link

" - Apply registry mod for win 10 (search in this section for it) if You run Win10 "

- If link wont work properly, reinstall it, do Your fan and pump setup and than save the profile on main screen (bottom left).

- The fans always increase the speed to max when windows starts and the CL SW is started (for short time, 1-2 sec)

- Pump rpm in performance mode should be around 2700 rpm, fans from the 800 up to 2000+

- If Your are not ok with the factory settings of the fan profiles, just create Your own ;)





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