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Corsair Void USB Headset, sound is backwards. Solutions?


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Hey guys! For the past 2 days I have had this amazing headset! but, my sound is backwards. I have been searching those 2 days for a solution, because I honestly love this headset, but nothing has fixed it.


I was hoping with my last breathe, would be on this forum, able to help me.

So for an example of this, I would be playing a video game, and an explosion would be on my left, well I hear it way closer on my right ear. Same goes with voice communication over a video game.


Now I will also note, that it doesn't seem to happen when I am on the internet watching Youtube videos. Maybe, because they don't use surround sound? I am not sure.


Lastly, I have been having troubles with my USBs, not being able to handle even a charger, for my phone. Like it won't allow any power to go through it to charge my phone. So, I am thinking that's the issue.


Is there anyone that can possibly help me?


P.S. There's no way I am wearing the headset wrong. :evil:

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It would be best to test the headset on another computer first with and without the Corsair drivers and see whether the sound is still backwards as you mention current USB issues with your motherboard.


If it's still backwards even on a different computer with and without the drivers, it's probably a faulty headset. You can contact your retailer for a replacement or request an RMA to replace the headset via Corsair.


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