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Corsair H1500 with bad issues


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I recently got a new gaming headset for Christmas, and so far it has only been problems. I'm using a Windows 10 computer, upgraded from Windows 8.1 With an i3 inside and just normal Components, don't know if it matters or not. Operating system is 64bit. It just literally crashed when typing this.


The problems are:

They make a constant white noise and sort of buzzing, without stop, no matter what I do.

The sound is Extreme, I have to use 1 or 2/100 Windows sound to not break my hearing.

When I join teamspeak or use anything related to the microphone there comes a constant beeping sound.

And somehow, they seem to crash my computer from time to time? I don't know if thats a Windows-problem or not, but Yeah.

The driver crashes constantly when I try to use it.


I have tried every single USB-port, but there are no difference from 2.0 to 3.0. And that on 4 computers With different specs.

I have downloaded the newest drivers to everything in the computer, and the headset as well, but nothing seems to fix this.

They are really comfortable to wear, so I would love it if you had a fix for this.

And this is the Corsair H1500 CA-9011128-EU, if that means anything.



Best regards :)

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I got one of these today and spent all afternoon trying every solution on the forums here.


The only fix I found was for the extreme sound levels and that involved running another audio balancing program on your PC and lowering the headsets Db that way.


Basically none of it has been resolved and the offical statement from Corsair was as this only effected 2% of the market they couldn't do much about it.


I've organised a return on my own mic and will either get a Void (if I can find enough positive feedback regarding the issues posted on these forums) or just return to a rival brand and never touch headsets again.

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Might be best to contact technical support and see if they can help you.



The volume issue is known and a 'workaround' is to use EqualizerAPO. I'm not sure about the beeping sound, could be software if it only starts when the microphone is in use.


By crashing the computer, is it a BSOD or does the computer just freeze?

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I really would not like a "workaround" for the sound tho. The microphone makes the noise no matter what drivers I use for it, be it the dedicated software or just basic windowsdrivers.


The crashing comes when I try to adjust the sound or microphone Levels. As soon as I try to adjust anything, the program just Locks up, and With it Locks up every youtube, Movie or anything.

Then I have to reboot the computer, and that takes an eternity unless I "kill" the corsair software.

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The crashing issue may be related to the upgrade of Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 as that has been seen previously by Corsair. See;



Other than the volume issue and the microphone beep noise, you should check.

-Whether you have the latest chipset drivers, BIOS and Windows updates installed.


-Depending on what is causing the issue, i would try finding and updating your drivers to the latest as possible as well as running a system file check (SFC /SCANNOW in command prompt) and see whether it can resolve the crashing issue before considering a clean install.


If you haven't already, i'd suggest putting in a ticket with Technical support.

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Every single driver, bios or windows are updated to the latest one.

I have sent a ticket as well, but I really just think I'm going to send them back to komplett.no, where I bought them from and move to a rivaling brand. I have my old Logitecs, but they kinda suck.


Too bad really, I loved the Comfort and looks of this headset. Too bad the sound and mic are terrible. :(:

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