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H1500 High Pitch Sound


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Updated/Edited my original thread rather than spamming the forums.


So I am sending back the gaming headset because after spending all afternoon trouble shooting issues, it seems there isn't really any support for it and I CBA having a headset which will only anger me.


I still want to believe in Corsair products and am looking at the Void now as it's the most recent product. There are still a lot of issues threads however so I wanted to see which once have been fixed via updates and which are outstanding.


  • Has the low sound levels on the mic been addressed?
  • Does it suffer any of the ame feedback/whine/high pitch sound issues as the H1500 series?


Old Post

So I am having the same issue reported all over the forums. Any time the mic is in an active state (imput section of windows sound, TeamSpeak etc.) there is a high pitch whining sound coming from the headphones.


This also seems to be carrying down the mic into any audio I am sending.


Muting the mic via the in-line controls actually makes the sound louder.


Everything I have read here on the forums seems to show that Corsair don't see this as a real issue and thus haven't done anything on their end to fix it. I am really happy with the headset otherwise in comfort and sound, however as a gaming headset I want to wear while connected to TeamSpeak this is going to push my sanity.


Contemplating a return and full refund right now, probably buying another brand and moving away from corsair products in future.


Any information on a confirmed fix for this would be great.

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-Low sound level on from the Microphone is usually either a low volume set in Windows or a faulty microphone itself.


Take a look at these threads as they may help you decide whether to purchase a VOID headset or not;






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