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Separate all-in-one cooling for CPU and dual 980 TIs


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Hello all,


I'm considering building a new high end gaming PC. A few specifics


Case: Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX

CPU: Intel i7-6700k

GPU: Dual GTX 980 TIs


I want the dual GPUs because I'd like to maximize gaming at 4k.


I'm interested in watercooling this to improve performance (overclocking and like). I'm not really a hardware guy per se, so I'd prefer the all-in one approach. To that end I'm very interested in the Corsair Hydro GFX which combines an MSI GTX 980 Ti with an H55 all-in-one (120 mm cooler).


The question I have is can I have three separate all-in-one coolers (and the radiators) for this scenario? I'd probably get a 140 mm or 120 mm cooler for the cpu (have not decided yet). I'm concerned I don't have room for everything in the case.


I know I could go with a custom set up that has a single loop covering everything, but that would be more expensive and require much more effort on my part (I'm honestly also nervous that I would screw it up).


I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts.

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