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Corsair 200R is Awesome!


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I absolutely loved putting together a system in this case, everything was easy, and even though Hardware Cannucks warned that careful harness management would be needed if not using flat cables, I had no such issues. I'm really impressed by the rubber grommets for 120mm fans and the sheer number of fans that this case can hold. You can fit seven 120mm fans, or three 120's and four 140's without touching the drive cages or front panel. There's also the four HDD bays and four SSD slots that create awesome RAID options. Everything about this case was just so easy and much more than I expected when I bought it for less than $60. There are serious luxuries here that I've never had in a mid-tower in this price range before.


I really don't have any true complaints, but if I had to log some, it would be that the side panels are a little flimsy, and while Corsair claims 240mm radiator support, the H100's are listed as compatible. There's also the issue where the front fan is a bit choked because of the solid front panel, but that panel was one of the reasons that I liked the case to begin with, and with so many options for extra fans, it's hardly limiting. I would like to be able to buy a solid left panel, or to have a revision that comes with an option for the two fan left side panel a solid version. But again, this is nitpicking rather than serious complaining.


I really expected to have to compromise when I bought the case, but instead I ended up enjoying the build much more than I did the 450D and found myself wishing some of the included features were present on the Air 540. I kind of wish that there was a smaller version of this case in the same price range, but then that would probably be stepping on the 88R's toes. This was honestly an impressive case at an impressive price point.


I'm really in love with Corsair's subtle designs and builder first mentality. And I will continue to buy their cases for as long as they continue to crank out this level of quality. Keep up the amazing work!

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