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Corsair Vengeance 2000 won't work anymore


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this afternoon I found out my headset stopped working, and managin to resolve the issue, I saw that the led on the dongle was slowly flashing, and apparently it means that there's no pairing.

Infact when I try to turn on the headset, I can hear the usual static sound, but after 3 seconds it turns off again. The headset is fully charged, as the green light indicates.


I tried to use the magic button in the dongle to force the pairing, but when the blue light starts to flash rapidly and I hold down the power button of the headset, nothing happens.


I have no idea how to resolve this issue.


For the support team: I request and RMA for cracked plastic in the summer of 2013, I guess I can't request another RMA right?

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Corsair provides a two year warranty for their headsets starting from the purchase date. This means your warranty has expired if you have done a RMA in 2013.


Considering the warranty is expired, you could try disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and see whether that changes anything. The removal instructions are provided in the safety leaflet that came with the headset if i recall correctly.

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