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RM650 not starting when optical drive attached

JA Motter

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I am building my own PC and purchased the Corsair RM650 power supply. I turned the system on for the first time last night and all was well.


However, just this morning I straffed an old optical drive (LG Blue-Ray rewriter) from my old PC and installed it into the new one. I plugged the power cable into the power supply, but when I try to start the system nothing happens. The minute I remove the power cable running to the optical drive from the back of the power supply everything is fine again.


I cannot be using much more than about 300W, maybe 400 from all the attached parts, so the power supply should not be tapped out.


Any thoughts as to why this power supply does not like this burner drive or the cable I am using?


Please help! Thanks.

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  • Corsair Employees

It's a bad optical drive then.


Has nothing to do with power draw.


You're lucky. Sometimes a bad drive will actually melt the connector at the drive... then you're supposed to blame the PSU because that's what people do. ;):

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