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I gave myself an early Christmas present and picked up the K70 RGB and M65 mouse combo. I've seen them used in gaming vids and the bottom line they looked pretty cool. In short, I loved them both and with that both of them are returning to my shelf for storage. I'll limit this to the Keyboard only.



I started with the M$ Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I don't believe in the "Ergonomic" aspect or the claims of minimizing Carpal Tunnel, what I do believe in is the spacing of the keys, more specifically in a 3D space. If you carefully measure the spacing between adjacent keys you will see that the spacing is actually the same on both keyboards, M$ and Corsair. What the Ergonomic aspect does is introduce an elevation change between the keys as well as splitting the keyboard and moving each half of the keyboard further out from center thus widening the entire keyboard.


Blitzkrieg Summary

That's the trick, the elevation changes with the M$ keyboard alleviates the crowding of the fingers, wrists, hands and arms. If the elevation of contact with keys are varying, you reduce the amount of contact between the fingers with each keystroke since each finger is operating on a different Y axis. It's subtle but huge. It's like the feeling of a snug pair of shoes and a pair that really fits. Sure they might be the same size but their feel makes all the difference and that difference could be very subtle in design that yields a tremendous result.


In Conclusion:

I don't necessarily support companies as I support great ideas. Some companies, like Corsair, just have more great ideas than others. If you take the K70, everything about it, and mate it to the M$ 4000 chassis, now that's a keyboard that I'll jump on right away. Until that time, the K70 goes onto the shelf.

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Our keyboards are designed with gamers and casual users in mind. With that said, we have come across the idea of creating an ergonomic keyboard but the lack of interests made us scratch the idea. Maybe in the future when the market completely shifts over to ergonomic keyboards, we will revisit the possibilities.
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