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H80iGT Fans working but not registered


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Got h80iGT installed properly. I ready few threads of the backplate/washer issues before even setting mine.

I did use washer and after installing the whole pump there is no up/down movement at all so I assume there is good contact. I think for idle time there are very good, will have to see them at loads though.


So temp and function is good. But when I open link, everything else is showing except by cpu fans. They are obviously working as I can see them.

Fan placement configuration is for intake, I have set as intake fat for the radiator a SP120 which is 3pin connector and for air removal of radiator the stock fan that comes with it which is a 4 pin connector.

Both connected to the extension that come from the pump and the pump cable is connected to CPU_FAN.

Also the SSD temp reads 100c?!?!?


Here are pics.

Any ideas why not showing?




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Unplug the SP120 fan for now then go to Options > and press "reset to default".

Does the LINK software see the stock fan running now?


SSD temp reading could be just directly off the SMART value itself and not the actual temperature of the drive. Have you tried running something like CrystalDiskinfo? Does it show a more reasonable temperature?

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