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Rainbow Six Siege Profile

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Hello all, this time I've got a small Rainbow Six Siege profile to share. All keys used are lit up appropriately to function, and when typing on non-lit keys, the whole board lights up for a couple of seconds to facilitate typing.


Note that I have a very customized layout for controls, and this is what works for me. The layout is focused heavily on the more used buttons being comfortable, fast, and easy to reach and push to keep focus on the action. The gadget buttons for primary and secondary are R and X respectively, as I use a thumb button on my mouse for in-game chatting and reloading, thus freeing up important buttons. Z, 3 and 6 are for camera, pinging, and sending out drones. T and Y are both text chat buttons, and Y (default team chat) is lit with a brighter color with the idea that it should be used more often than T. There is also a 6 on the numpad, purely aesthetic and can be cleared without worry.


Video of the profile in action: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nkoadl3x4bz5ey/Video%20Jan%2001%2C%202%2012%2016%20PM.mov?dl=0

And the profile itself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ic9x2fezuoz3kr/Rainbow%20Six%20Siege.prf?dl=0


Thanks for the support of my last profile, hopefully this one can improve as well.

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