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VOID Wireless power save issues


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I'm having some issues with the power save functionality (switching off after some idle time) that was introduced some time back in the VOID Wireless headset.


1: First of all I really think this feature should be user configurable, at least to the point that you can enable/disable it. The feature only takes playback audio into account when determining idle time, so if you are "only" using the mic and no playback, the headset will switch off since it is considered idle. Thats a major flaw with the implementation. I really hope Corsair realize this and fixes it asap.


2: The idle detection sometimes does not work. I've had the headset (fully charged) turn itself off several times after hearing the "idle warning" tones, while watching a movie. There was plenty of autio so there is no risk it was due to silense.


To be clear, the headset is charged and I'm approx 1,5 m away from the USB dongle when I get these issues.


I'd really appreciate some help if anyone know of solutions to any of these problems. Otherwise I hope Corsair are aware and prioritize solving them....

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