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H100I problem


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As I've seen there's plenty of problems with this product. Mine are all the same as the others, I've went through the posts, did the fixes, minus getting a USB cable to hook it into an external USB, I've done it. I don't Care about the link program I just want this this g to work. So, into my problem.

I installed it, completely fine, no problems. Booted up, the fans and pump were working at 100%, of course my mobo said either my CPU fan or opt weren't working I bypassed it, idle I was working with 28 Celsius. Then I tried all the stuff to fix the link program to try to recognize my pump, none worked. Drivers installed everything. I looked in registry it was there but nothing else, just the device info and that's it, no parameters. Nothing at all in my device manager, not even new USB hardware or a warning message for one though I installed the drivers from the link installer, I even tried past installs nothing. I also checked drivers with corsair in my command prompt, unintalled, reinstalled everything, not working. Changed BIOS setttimgs for the fans, nothing. All the while fans and pump working at 100% annoying and loud. By this point I wanted to toss this out the window.

The last time I booted up got a CPU temperature error. It was running at 88, throttling itself so it stays cooler. What I came to find out is, the pump isn't working correctly now. If I plug it in fully, won't work, either to the mobo or bypassed to the psu itself. If I plug it in and out really fast from mobo or psu the pump will work for half a second. So if I wanted to sit here and do that constantly the cooler would be amazing. But I can't see myself doing that. So, how would one time everything would work OK minus the fans being at 100% then the next time doesn't work and it's throttling my cpu just so it can stay cool. The fans work, 100% still when pump is plugged in, but pump doesn't pump unless it's the first half a second when it's plugged in.

I've never been at a complete loss, but I am now. I literally have no idea what to do. How it could half work one time then not at all. I was ready to just plug fans into my mobo and control them from there. Maybe it read my mind and said no and decided to break. I just got this thing this morning and spent all day over fourms, editing, installing, unimstalling, everything to no avail. I have current BIOS, current drivers everything for my mobo. So unless the pump magically decided to break for some reason within this timeframe, I have no idea what to do anymore, so does anyone else know? I love corsair products but the point where I can't have a good plug and play cooler is not cool. Where I have at least a day of downtime where I'm ready to shoot this thing is not very user friendly or easy, when it seems a lot of others have a Ton of problems too. Starting to think I should've listened to the reviews. I apologize for spelling errors and the like, since my computer won't run at safe temperatures I have to resort to this.


I forgot to add, I have another cooler from corsair as well and same problems, it would seem the pump stopped working. The radiator would be ice cold, the tube leading to radiator would be warm, at the top, but towards the heat sink it would be extremely hot, and temps off the chart as well. I can at least hear that pump working, it seems this one just stopped working all together. Though the LCD of course works which I couldn't care less about. Kinda hard to enjoy aesthetics when nothing else works. Oh, also when I run the link software, or have the USB plugged in my system lags horribly. I'm sorry I can't add these in before, but as before, on a phone would be a pain.

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Hi papasmurf7676,


If the pump not works even You have setup everything properly, even through direct 12V power from PSU, than You should RMA the cooler. According the hot tube and no noise from the pump can be the loop jammed or the pump dead.


Don´t wait to much, i would change the cooler to your stock cooler or any handy reserve, don´t throttle the CPU if You have spare solution (You can still do some play with the cooler when it´s dismounted and Your CPU cooled properly).





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