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CUE Crash & Macros Broken


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Ok so I've been using my K95 RGB and M65 RGB since christmas day now, and aside from media buttons and automatic switching not working, it's been fine.


But today macros have stopped working. They do nothing. And after doing just a few actions on CUE it crashes. Simply stops responding.


What's going on?

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Refer to this thread for the media keys not working.



What happens when you reopen CUE after it crashes? Does it crash again? Do your key assignments start working?


The same thing would happen, however a few days later and it works fine now :L


As for the media keys, they work in WMP after that fix, but now for steam. I'm using the button that lets me click the window to select the player and this selects steam.exe, do I need to do it manually?

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it will probably be best to do it manually rather than the "Get player by Window option".


Which file should I point it to? I've tried both Steam.exe and GameOverlayUI.exe. Do I need to put in a window class, too?


I should also point out I'm not running steam as admin since that causes it to not start with windows.

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