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Sending macros to background window


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Hey all,


I'm a recently new owner of the K95 RGB keyboard and I love it. I haven't delved too much into changing lightning and advanced macros on it yet, but I'm looking forward to really explore all the craziness this keyboard can offer.


I have a current problem I hope you can help me with.


Is it possible to send macros created via the CUE software to another window that's not active? and if so, how?


I hope it's possible as it would help me from alt-tabbing every 5 minuttes and apply the routine again.


Thanks a lot.

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No, the macros get executed in the in the current active window. Or where the mouse pointer is in case the macro involves the mouse.


If you have another way of sending these commands to the inactive window (like for example a BAT or another kind of executable file) you could try linking the macro to that file instead.

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