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Looking for older version of CUE


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So I finally got around to updating the software to the latest iteration and I've run into a problem that has eaten a great bit of my time. With the latest version of CUE that I have installed (1.13.36) the key rebinding seems to be extremely bugged. Previously the actual key would be remapped but as of now it just one of those software implementations that gets ignored by a majority of applications including games. I have a program called gamevox which before I updated my mouse I was able to use the remapped keys to act as a push to talk(I use the back mouse button on my M65 RGB but since I browse the web it becomes a hassle when I'm trying to talk and look at a webpage) but when i remap the keys, even if i were to remap the back key to itself it gets changed to a back button instead of a back key and isn't picked up by either Gamevox or Counter strike.


TLDR; as titled stated I'm trying to find direct links to older versions because the newest doesn't suit my needs and with a quick search on the forums and web I haven't found much so i thought i would ask here after caving.

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