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Mounting problems H100i GTX + Asus Impact VIII (mini-itx)


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After a couple of long hours mounting the ASUS Impact VIII and a H100i GTX inside a Corsair 250D (but it was fun!), I still have a small problem to solve and it involves the Corsair Link USB-cable!


As you can see from the image below I had to replace the included angled Mini-USB to USB2.0-header for a Mini-USB to standard USB. Then reroute the cable through the drive-cages to a USB-port on the back. And all this because of two things:


1. The angled Mini-USB, that is included, interferes with the sound card (SupremeFX) in this position in the picture. The only position that the angled Mini-USB-connector will fit in, is if you rotate the cpu-block 90 degrees clockwise with the USB-connection facing the IO-plate. But that is an impossible position in this chassi and will bend the hoses to much.


2. The ASUS Impact VIII-motherboard lacks a USB 2.0-header. The only USB-header available is a USB3.0-header and that is a different socket and is already taken by the front-usb on the chassi, and I don´t want to miss out on those. Right now I can´t use the front headphone and mic because the header on the sound-card is blocked by the mini-USB from the CPU-block as shown in the picture.


Does anyone have a good idea how to A) Get rid of the cabled routed out the back and B) Get access to the audio-header again. Maybe a reversed angled mini-usb should do the trick? Where to find one?




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Solved problem A by re-routing the USB-cable out with graphics card slot!

Secured the graphics card with one standard screw ìn the middle and the bracket on top of the USB-cable with a thumbscrew. Works like a charm! :D:


Still problem B remains that I can´t use the audio-header. Anyone knows of a angled mini-usb?



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That could work! I just wonder if it´s going to be a tight fit against the RAM with another cable connecting to the adapter?


I found and ordered this cable instead:



I´l hope it will work, but the adapter will be my backup plan because it looks like it will not extend that much from the cpu-block compared to the cable.


Tanks for your reply!

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