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New PSU and technical issue from a wire


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I bought my PSU (RM650) in july.

i've had some technical issues those previous months and it was really hard for me to find the root cause.

It seems the 24 pins connector connected to the motherboard is the reason of my problem. Indeed, i realized i can't plug it fully into the motherboard and the "lock" is not done correctly.

The result is sometimes the PC switches off or reboots .


I tried with another PSU (450W), with an old white 24pin connector and it's working good, the lock is done easily.


What Corsair can do for me and how to proceed?



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Thx for your help.


that's what i did, not with the cardboard but i don't want to push more and take a risk to break a solder. The CM is more expensive than a new good wire.


The old white connector (previous generation) is really easy to connect

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