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corsair voyager gt 16GB green glue comes out


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I have a pendrive corsair voyager gt usb 2.0 purchased in 2011/2012 on amazon

I have a problem: the green glue flowing out from rubber surface

It compromises the connectors and the recognition by the windows

within the rubber is all green


i have 2 pendrive in this condition. this thing has happened at the same time on both pendrive. one of these i cleaned and for now still works but inside it is full of this stuff

the other pendrive it's cleaned but now I can not access to the content (led blue is on)


can someone explain what is it and why comes out?


what can I do?

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why it melts? simultaneously on two pendrive at same time:eek:


for rma...how i get the part number? It is not reported on the pen

2 different rma for 2 identical pendrive?


shipping costs for return will be at my expense ?


thanks ;)

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No idea why it is melting or flowing out from the inside. Could be anything really, e.g. heat.


This is probably the part number CMFUSB-16GBGT - USB 2.0 Flash Voyager GT 16GB

Looks like this;



Usually yes, you will need to two RMA tickets.

Yes, you will need to cover expenses for return shipping to Corsair and Corsair will cover expenses for the replacement USB drives to you.


It will be best to ask customer service if they can accept two USB drives in one ticket, or two separate tickets but send them in together in one package.

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ok i ask them

sorry one question: they have written that they also want the invoice.

but I have already attached the receipt of amazon. why in your opinion ?


textually report:


We'd also need the full invoice from Amazon directly for the one attached, you can do this in your account.



the corsair 1 is recognized by windows (i see safely remove hardware bottom right) but if I want to access a window appears and says: "insert a disk in drive X"


the corsair 2 works normally and it is recognized by Windows and can access the content but in the rubber surface there is green stuff


do you think can i ask rma anyway for corsair 2 ?

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If you have a question regarding a ticket, it's best to ask them in the ticket's comment section.


I've never heard of a USB drive leaking glue. Is your PC excessively hot, or is this a USB port that has a setting to charge mobile devices really fast?

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