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Corsair Link is broken (but you already knew that)

Angry Consumer

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I have invested large sums of money into Corsair and their Link ecosystem so why cant they fix their software?

These are the issues i am currently having with Corsair Link:


  • RGB strips flicker when fan curves are active
  • custom fan curves do not work with temperature probes
  • h100i led color does not stick on reboot even if no colors are set to 0 (R 255, G 5, B 5)
  • on occasion commander mini will create ghost fans that do not exist
  • RM850 psu will not show correct load when plugged into temp terminal on commander mini
  • current config on the dashboard moves up and to the left on link restart (pictures)


When will this get fixed Corsair? It has been almost a year of minor updates and false promises. If I don't see some actual improvements soon i will toss corsair and take my business somewhere else.



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