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3200LL - dividers won't work with it...


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I've been testing my CH-5 stick of Corsair XMS PC3200 LL by ITSELF in slots 1-4 on MSI Neo2 Plat. The issue is SURELY not related to to other RAM sticks because I tested it ALONE.


Problem is - dividers do not work well with this RAM...any BIOS, even latest. 1:1 ratio works, 2:3 ratio works, but the one I want 5:6 ratio does NOT work. I just get a long beep. Also, the RAM will not boot at its supposed timings when its a 1:1 ratio, STOCK 200Mhz. It has to be 3-4-4-11 or so to work at any votlage. 2-2-3-6 does not work (or 2-3-2-6...the RAS TO CAS is at 3).


The other RAM module work with any dividers...


I ran Memtest 86+ at 200Mhz 3-4-4-11 and it errored like crazy after a few minutes.


I do not understand WHY. I tried voltages 2.5-2.9. This module used to work FINE before, and now it doesn't.

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