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Easy way to switch between wireless VOID and speakers?


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I recently picked up a wireless gaming Corsair VOID headset. I really like it, but I also use my external speakers pretty often. My desire is to easily, without unplugging anything or changing a lot of settings, switch between using the headset audio and the external speaker audio.


Currently, the only two things I've tried that work are...

  1. Setting the headset as the default device in the playback devices tab of the Sound menu. Whenever I unplug the headset's wireless USB receiver, that automatically causes it to switch to speakers, and when I plug the headset's wireless receiver back in, it switches back to the headset.
  2. The second thing I've tried is just to leave the wireless USB receiver for the headset plugged in, and instead of taking it out or putting it on, actually manually right clicking the sound icon in the lower right, clicking Playback devices, and changing the default device back and forth based off of the need.


Neither of those options are good options. Both require more effort than I feel is necessary. The first option stinks because I have to keep track of a USB dongle all the time, rather than leaving it plugged in. The second option stinks because it requires diving into menus and changing settings each time I want to hear sound, which takes time and is cumbersome.


Anyone know of any other good options? Corsair's software doesn't really give me anything to work with in this area either. I'm kind of at a loss. I do have a lot of programmable keys on my keyboard, so maybe it would be possible to program one of them to switch between stuff, but I have no idea how that would work. Keyboard is a Logitech G710+.


There just has to be a better way to listen to things using these headphones. It can't be this big of a pain every time. Running Windows 10, fyi.

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