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Corsair Gaming H2100 Wireless No Sound?


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So I bought a H2100 wireless and when it was fully charged I plugged it in and it was working all fine for like 15 minutes.


Then all the sound just stopped working? if I play music or something it shows activity in the windows volume panel and I can see the green bars go up and down but there is still no sound in the headset?


I've tried too switch places on the dongle, restart the headset, manually pair them but nothing works. The dongle got a constant blue color and the headset is blinking blue as it should be and I can also use the volume scroll on the side of the headset so everything is working except the sound? any ideas? :(

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Is the headset the default audio device in Windows?

Do you have any other speakers connected to your computer? If so, turn them on, is the sound being played from them?


its set as default yes and if I plug in my old headset it works perfectly but when I switch too my corsairs there is no sound :(

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