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h100i gtx ramping heat and eventual crash 4790k


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When i run prime 95 it starts at a low 55c on the hottest core and after a while the heat starts to ramp up first slowly then once it hits around 70 it quickly reaches 88-90c. I'm not overclocking the CPU right now every thing is on auto in the bios is on auto. I have tried a few configurations on the h100 first front panel sucking air in then front panel blowing air out and now it's mounted in the chassi roof blowing air out. I just ran a prime 95 test and the PC crashed at 70c which is weird hopefully the cpu isn't damaged. I have tried different modes in the corsair soft ware


pump-quiet fans-quiet


pump-quiet fans-performance


pump-performance fans-performance


I read somewhere that a reason for the cpu heating up over time was that the rad being mounted lower than the CPU caused circulation problems and air being stuck in the pump and all the liquid staying in the rad. Now the rad is top mounted and i still get ramping heat.


idle temp is 23-30c load temp 55-65

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So, let´s do some troubleshooting:


1. Connection:

- 3PIN connector of the CPU block to CPU/CPU1 header on MB

- Y connector to CPU block

- 2 x 4PIN fans to the Y connector

- Data cable to CPU block , other end to USB header


2. Bios setup:

- CPU fan controller disabled / manual 100% / full speed


3. CPU cooler seating and thermal grease

- Are You using the supplied thermal grease? (i have removed it, using Arctic MX4)

- Have You seated the cooler properly (tightening screws diagonally)?


4. Radiator mount

- In my configuration I´m "sucking in" cold air into the case through the radiator (front mounted push-pull)

- Using in case "hot" air for cooling the radiator is not good from my point of view (my GTX980Ti heats up the air inside to 55-60 °C, Your R9 390X heats even more). Off-course, make sure You have another cold air input also (I have 2x140mm additional intake fans + 1x 140mm fam blowing air out "positive air pressure to keep everything clear and silent")

- My CPU block is higher than my radiator, no problems (it´s prefilled and should be without any air in the loop, so makes no sense) - picture attached.


Can You please tell us also the H100i GTX cooler temp (according Corsair Link). According this we can check if there is a huge difference in the cooler temp and Your CPU temp (if yes, than the heat is not transfered to the cooler).






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I am not sure you you have the same issue as the original poster, but either way can you clarify if: a) your H100i GTX Temp (water temperature) reads exactly 29C all the time -- at cold boot, under load, responding to this post etc.; or b) the H100i GTX temp is usually around 29C and is slow to change up or down. These are symptoms to two different things.
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