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Corsair value select and Asus p6t Deluxe v2


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Hi all,


First off, super forum, seems helpfull.


Im trying to get the valueselect memories work on my motherboard.


the memory is this kind


it states "Designed for use with all DDR3 motherboards with two or three memory channels"

And i cant return them so im stuck with em...=)


The memory type im running without a problem



Motherboard is a asus p6t deluxe v2 , with latest bios, 12.22


been roaming the threads here looking for a answer. Tried several attempts at setting bios values manually. nothing has helped.


I have mailed asus, but no answer


I have checked the compatibility list and this memory isnt listed, BUT since it has the same specs as my current memories i figured it would work. But its not...=)


Anyone have these memories working on that board or have some hints on what i could try more then i have.


Thanks for any guiding light!

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