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Light Flickering


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I am new to the forums, but decided to post my problem here.

I bought the K70 RGB yesterday and updated the firmware.


The problem is, if have multiple keys doing a fade animation (5+ keys) at the same time, ALL THE OTHER keys start to flicker with weird colors, synchronized, at the same time. It almost seems like some of the other keys' LEDs would just turn off for a while or something. This is very annoying when complex light fades are occurring, the lights just look broken.


I have a background color for all keys, and a reactive gradient lighting for single keys, with each fading different colors when pressed.


Is this a common problem, or is there a fix?




e: will post a video soon

e2: video [ame=





I FOUND OUT THE PROBLEM. I HAD "Enable 16,8m color mode (requires FW 1.2 or higher)" ENABLED.

THE NEW QUESTION IS: what is this 16,8m color mode? I have FirmWare version 1.33 and it doesn't seem to work properly, as seen in the video.

e: nevermind, it seems the FLICKERING is just NORMAL when you enable 16.8m color mode. Nice.

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