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Void rgb Wireless not turning on or showing in CUE


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So I got the Void wireless 3 days ago and after the initial charged it worked fine. Today I put it on the charger since the battery died and 3 hours later removed it to turn back on. It will not turn on for more than a second. On Charge the mic blinks green which gives me the indication its charged. Plugged in it also doesn't show up in CUE so I can't update do the bootloader solution.


Does anyone have any ideas?


*Update* By reinserting the usb dongle back into my PC the CUE software sees it again. I went through with updating. After the update I put the dongle into the flashing white mode. Holding down power on the headset never puts it into a mode that flashed green and red. Only the red flashes. Also the battery is showing 94% in the cue software so I know the headset isn't dead.


*Last Update* I got it to finally work by turning back on device lighting and auto shutoff. I'll leave this here in case anyone else is facing the similiar.

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