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Randomly Failing Memory


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To Whom It May Concern:


I had sent my motherboard, cpu, vid. card and memory to ASUS for testing because of multiple problems with one series of their motherboards. It was determined that the motherboard they had sent for replacement also had another issue and that one stick of memory out of the two (Dual Channel Mode) was Randomly Failing.

All burn in tests proved that one stick has a problem.

I have since set the system back up (at home) with the replacement motherboard (running fine now!) and am only able to use one of the two sticks of memory in this system.

I need to know what I need to do, to get Corsair to Retest this memory and to possibly replace Both Sticks. You can’t find this series of memory ANYWHERE for Sale and or @ Corsairs Site any longer. Appears they have lost their supplier (per reseller) for PC3500 MEMORY.


I have cced… my home address, you can reply to either one.







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