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hello, i am looking to end my pain!!! i would like to know how to get a full refund of my corsair H100igtx cooler.


After countless hours trying this and trying that i have come the end of my robe with this software.


There has been posts going back 2 years with this software and IMO this should of been pulled off the along time ago.


I have setup this AIO cooler 2 weeks ago and been messing with this thing more then having fun on my new system.


The problem i am having is it will not show my fan speed RPM and also it wont work in the different modes


my system is a

gigabye z170 gaming 7

i7 6700K

samsung 950 m.2 pcie

samsung 950 evo

G.Skilll ripjaws V 2133

gtx 980 ti

Evga g2 1000w

corsair H100igtx



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Hi Niklas13,


So, let´s do some troubleshooting:


1. Connection:

- 3PIN connector of the CPU block to CPU/CPU1 header on MB

- Y connector to CPU block

- 2 x 4PIN fans to the Y connector

- Data cable to CPU block , other end to USB header


2. Bios setup:

- CPU fan controller disabled / manual 100% / full speed


3. According picture You have windows 10

- Have You applied the registry mod?

- http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=153706 (red-ray guide)


Please go through, also clear the CL software and install it once again (my first install was also not so good). Check also in device manager if Your cooler shows up properly and it´s installed properly.





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There is the link in my previous post, just click it and do what is written there ;)






Should I try this also? This is the only thing I have not done yet, shy of throwing it out the window lmao!!! But again, all my stuff in Link reads all 0's...

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i looked over the regedit settings i didn't see the string in there , i was going to take this cooler back to the store and when i was removing it from the case i seen i had the power cable on the CPU_opt and not the CPU fan :/


I am a *** what can a say


Everything's working like it should now.


Sorry for your time

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- Yes, do that registry mod on win10

- When PC boot, and You have 0rpm readings, try to reboot it, iny my case it helps

- CL has his bugs, that´s life, maybe next version will be better. Until, You can check the SIV software of red-ray ... search in the forum for it.



- Good to read that Your problems are solved, this is why we are all here on these forum to help each other ;)


Wish You both a Happy New Year!





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