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Corsair HS40 - Mic + Software Issue


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Hey all, apologies if in the wrong place but I'm new here :laughing:


Recently got the HS40 for Christmas ( loving it so far :sunglasse ), just having one or two inconviniences with it D:


First off, I downloaded and installed the Corsair Gaming Headset Software 2.0.37 (running Windows 7), but I couldn't get it to open. I set it to open with adminstrator privilleges and tried compatability with Windows 7 and XP + SP 1 and 2, but nothing happens. Theres a brief flash of the blue loading circly thing sometimesand then nothing happens. Anyone got any clues?


Secondly, the mic sensitivity is really quite high. Using Skype and TeamSpeak 3 and people can hear anything from my keyboard to my mouse clicking and sometimes people in other rooms. I set the input from Windows to 1 and reduced the amount of audio captured from the mic on said applications, but to no avail. I want to try with the Corsair Software (if I can get it working :sigh!:), but I just want to know any other possibilities.


Thanks very much in advance for anyone with advice! :biggrin::biggrin:

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Right click the Corsair Gaming Control Panel, Are the entries greyed out?


not quite sure what other options are available to change for the microphone if the volume adjustments do not help. There might be enhancements you can look at? You might be able to find them in the Sound window in Windows.

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I mean the notifications tray when the software is running in the background.

Usually the enhancement tab will be found in the headset properties in Windows.

Start Menu > type Sound > Click the headset > properties > there may or may not be an enhancements tab available.

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Hi totalplane

Just like you I got mine for xmas ;) and same here great little headset . the manual was missing out of the box , however there didn't seem much to know .


Any how , As for your microphone ; I now relieased that my own headset microphone had been on the whole time , as I like the look of the blue LEDs on the remote controller .


I was messing around in one of the settings and noticed the microphone was active and now understand the LED needs to be red in order for the microphone to be off and I guess in like a standby mode .



Blue LED = mic on

Red LED - mic off


It all makes sense to me now as my KB& mouse and headset are all raptor Red by default lol


god knows if this helps but oh well


regards :D:

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