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Problem - How its work?


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Sorry guys for this stupid question,but like a said in other post, i didnt listen any sound from my Corsair Void (yellow)

So, i have a problem with a driver that dont wanna install successfully.

Im worry because i dont know if the headphone works or not.

Am i doing something wrong?

i linked the usb (..i tryed all USB :sigh!: ) then my PC start to install the drivers,and it always failed in : ''Corsair VOID RGB Wireless Gaming Headset/Dongle'' (Sometime is Headset,sometime is Dongle :dunno:)


when i go in device and printer, i can see an icon with my headphone with a yellow triangle, i tryed to fix it (reinstall driver,try to startup windows without driver signuture...)


So,i tryed to install CUE and the issue is always present, i tryed to upgrade the firmware and when it try to reinstall the drivers it failed in the same point.


When the headphone is powered on,the lights just continually red blink :dunno:

Last things,i tryed to put headphones in bootloader mode,and recover it with the guide.


Sorry for the long text, so, i need to do something or what? i wrong something?

Should i need to select some options in audio or in windows for let it works?

help me pls, and thank you



1) for install the corsaid void driver,try to install ALL windows update(only the Security Windows Update)


2) unistall the corsair void headphone from the device and printer in control panel,and remember to check ''delete all driver''.


3) When you finish to download all windows update,restart pc, wait all update will be configured.


4) Try to search windows update again (sometimes it find them before u have donwloaded someone) if u see another upgrade,do it and repeat the 3rd point.


5) Open CUE and do firmware upgrade, now the driver should be installed and u can use it! I hope it is helpfull for someone

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