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This is the first profile I've made that I actually like, it's sort of like a smoldering fire, it just has a general burning look to it. If you press [Pause Break] on your keyboard it will activate FPS mode, where WASD, general keys and numbers 1-6 will be illuminated in white while the rest still have the cool animation. You can press it again to toggle it off.


The file if you want to download it is attached below.


Also, just a heads up it was heavily inspired by a video on YouTube I saw where a guy shows generally how to do something like this, I just made it my own and added the FPS mode.


Thanks to anyone who checks it out and leave feedback! :biggrin:


Here are some screencaps of the animation with no FPS mode and with FPS mode:






EDIT: I did add a couple cool things to the profile.

For example the space bar ripples an orange flame outwards when you press it, and the keys have a very subtle lighting effect when you type.

I can upload the updated version if anyone wants.


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