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760T front panel


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Greetings Programs! :)


I just have a general question regarding the 760T case.


I am working on final design prep for an upcoming water cooling build using this case, and had a question regarding the front panel. Is it safe to assume the entire front panel can be removed via screws, or is it a panel that can't be removed no matter what?


Only asking as I am doing a "Mass Effect N7" theme for my build, and was going to barbon fiber dip the case frame and side pannels, but have the front panel modded to only have a single slot load blu ray drive on it, but wanted to make it all look like a single piece of material, and give it the brushed aluminum look when done. Wish I knew how to render images to give y'all an idea what I have as a vision.


Didn't want to get my design too locked in if it wasn't something that could be done though. Anyone have any advice on this?

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I am in the middle of my first build with this case. If you look inside the front by the HHD trays you will see 4 plastic tabs sticking thru from the front. Looking on the back side with door open you will see 4 on that side. Remove the bottom 3 SSD trays and you can very easily remove the entire plastic face that covers the 5.5 inch bays. Very easy to install your optical drive. When done please post some photos of your mods.
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