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VS650 acting very weird!!!


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Hello community!

For the past 2+ months I have a very weird problem.

When I play a specific game (CSGO), my computer is randomly rebooting.


I have checked already all possible software issues and I was not able to detect anything that can cause reboot.

So i finally started to check different hardware devices.

1) swapped my RAM slots

2) replaced RAM

3) replaced SSD

and now i replaced my Corsair VS650 PSU with a new one provided by a friend.

Well, today, after 2.5 months my computer ran CSGO for 7 hours without rebooting.

As soon as i plug again my PSU restarts coming back...

However when computer is running benchmark tests, it doesn't encounter any issues.

I sent my computer back to the Purchase dealer for check up and they told me that it's working fine...but it's not.

Computer is fully operational untill all hardware components get hungry for energy I guess.


Ok soooooo......:

First of all, how can this be possible?

Secondly, how can I explain to the technical support that my PSU is able to power up my computer, however it causes reboots somehow in a specific game but not in benchmark tests?

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Well yes...i know that VS series are not that good but my system needs at about 400W in full load so when this PSU provides 60% of it's capabilities in system's full load then I think it's more than efficient.


I have this PSU for 1.5 years and it has 3 year warranty so probably I'll take the same one unless they want some extra money and let me purchase a better one like RM or HX series.

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  • Corsair Employees

Contact customer service for a replacement.


While the VS was never meant for gaming PCs, we found a number of SI's in the EU were using them to build gaming PCs. Instead of convincing the SI's to use a better PSU, Corsair "fixed" the VS to handle the transient loads often associated with high FPS games like CS:GO.

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