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Scimitar Side Buttons Not Working.


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Hi Guys,


My Girlfriend got a scimitar today and the side buttons are just not working.


I have installed CUE and gone to Profiles > Remap Key Button the mapped to the number pad. I have also linked it to the WoW Executable.


When i go in game it does not work. I then created a second profile specially for wow, along side the default, and turned on Auto Profile switching and this did not work.


I am getting fed up to be honest i have reinstalled CUE, i have tried unplugging and re plugging it in about 500 different USB ports. :@


Any help would be great

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We have absolutely no idea how but it started working when we changed the remap from Function 13 - 24 to 1-= (not number pad)


we had tried this about 10 times before now it has decided to work.


this is with it on default with no auto profile changing

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