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Hey all


I've just bought and installed the H110i GT - first time I've had a water cooling product.


Hardware seems to be connected up correctly - the fan power adapters are connected to the adapters coming off of the CPU block, fan connector is attached to the CPU_FAN header on the motherboard, sata power is connected, and I've got the CPU unit connected to a USB header on the motherboard also. I'm using the two fans that came with it.


I've installed Corsair Link, but every time I start my machine I get the popup to say that new devices have been detected which require a reboot. I've tried doing the reboot cycle several times, and pressing cancel on the popup does little, the popup closes and just appears again immediately.


The link software seems to work fine, I can open the app up and change settings, monitor temps, etc.


Any ideas? Is something not connected up correctly?

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