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HX520 clicking sound on new build


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Hi all,

I just created a new build and wanted to use my HX520 Corsair PSU (moved it from my old build). It worked just fine before (for 10 years now!). I bought it in 2007! :)


In the new build i wanted to start the setup in BIOS and OS by using the iGPU, so I didn't mount my GTX 670 in the PICe slot.


As soon as I started the PC I just heard a load of clicking (electrical) noise from the PSU. Got me scared at first, then read a few topics here and was made sure that it is not dangerous. I saw a lot of mention "low load sound", but I connected 3 fans, 4 disks and mobo to it, isn't that enough? Tested also by stopping the psu-fan with a q-tip, and clicking did not stop.


Every time I boot, clicking from the PSU starts and the image from the iGPU hdmi-port is flickering on the screen, distorted, and constantly loosing signal.


So I turned everything off. Mounted my GTX670 and powered on. No clicking... System boots up and into the UEFI Bios, normally, no issues.


Then I go into the graphics settings in the BIOS, and set it to use iGPU as primary GPU (I want to use the PCIe GPU for virtualization). Reboot, and the clicking starts again! With all the flickering and loosing hdmi signal issues.


What is going on here? Is my PSU old compared to the new components, not enough juice, or is there something else wrong here? Why must I have a PCIe GPU installed and set as primary for the system to work proper?


I also tried to move the PSU back into my old system, connected only to the mobo, one fan and a optical drive. Everything boots fine, no clicking, and the igpu in the old system works fine.


Thanks in advance.

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