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Hello all,

I just went major full water cooling with a custom loop, cpu & gpu. I had and used the following corsair products until I took the big jump to a full cooling loop (h100i gtx cpu cooling, h100i w/ g10 n970 cooling bracket). Anyway enough about that, what I want to know is if the corsair link software is useable without corsair products? I liked how the software was minimized in the tray and I could right click on it to get temps at a glance. I know I wont be able to change any setting because of no hydro cooling products installed. Just want to know if it will still show cpu and gpu temps, fan speeds that are plugged into the MB. I looked at other software programs such as hwmonitor by cpuid and wasn't happy with it, no way to minimize it and get info at a glance. If no guess I will install, a corsair link commander mini I have setting on the shelf. Any info will help. Thanks.

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