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I've seen several profiles floating around for Star Citizen, but none of them seemed complete (but I guess that's all perspective, huh?). Myself and a fellow SC'er worked on the following profiles. I've broken it up into several groups, so let me explain. And, before I start posting them, I want to thank all of the earlier profiles that were created. A lot of these are just an extension of those.


I currently use a Strafe RGB and Sabre, and as such, these profiles are set up for those.

Strafe RGB / Sabre Separated Profiles:


I've broken up the Flight and On Foot modes into separate profiles. This way, when you hit the normal mode selector (Pause Break), it doesn't change just the keyboard. I've matched the logo's on both devices to the same color so you know which profile you're using.


Strafe RGB / Sabre Single Profile:


You'll use Pause Break and Mouse Button 8 to change modes for each device respectively.


Strafe RGB / Sabre Modified Profile:


This one I spent a lot of time on. Each mode will have the modifier buttons flash. When you hold those down, it'll switch to another mode showing you which buttons are available for this key modifier. Looks really cool, but when you try chatting, or even Alt-Tabbing (when in Marine mode), it'll cause you some headaches. I created a default "Chat" mode that has none of this, so you can use it for normal keyboard function.



Unless I missed something, you should be able to use notepad to edit this profile, and where it says STRAFE RGB, you can input your K70/K95 as well. If this doesn't work, let me know, and I'll look into what keys aren't available on those two different keyboards.


Also, I'm not frequent on the forums, so I'll try to remember to check back for any questions, but as you can see, I'm not a mad genius in profile building. Just wanted an updated SC profile.


Thanks and Enjoy!


Edit: Noticed a few missing items. Don't think it's necessary to re-export and upload. The "On Foot" profiles/modes don't show any of the modified keys, so you can just assign the lighting to the necessary keys, as well as the Caps Lock isn't added to the its modified lighting for "Flight." Hope that's all.





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