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Mouse Lighting/CUE Locked


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So, I'm fairly new to Corsair products & CUE. I just got the keyboard(K65 RGB) and mouse(Scimitar) as Christmas presents and figured out pretty quickly how to add custom profiles and light up the keyboard. Both the keyboard and mouse are recognized by CUE but I for the life of me can't figure out how to switch it to change the lighting on the mouse instead of the keyboard...

I've been reading through the manuals and haven't seen anything about how to switch between the two, any help would be appreciated... With my luck it's probably something super simple and I'm just overlooking it


The other problem I'm having is whenever I open CUE it won't let me move the window at all and the bottom half of it is obscured by my Start menu bar.... (I've tried restarting my computer and it doesn't do anything, still locked)

Next step will be reinstalling if no one has any other ideas...

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You should be able to switch between them by clicking on the different devices at the bottom of the cue window.


Haha.. so apparently my second problem is why I had the first problem... Since I couldn't see the bottom half of the CUE window I didn't see there was a keyboard & mouse icons at the bottom. Thank you ^_^;

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