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CUE software not installing


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I don't know if anyone will read this but, for Christmas I got the corsair k70 rgb keybaord and the m65 mouse. I plugged them in and tried to download the corsair utility engine and it downloaded fine. Then I tried to run the instalation software and I make it to half way done installing and it freezes my computer so i have to hard shut it down. I have tried everything i can to get it to work i'm lost. Everything else I've tried to download worked perfectly. I spent over 200$ on these peripherals and the whole point of me buying them was to be able to use the 16.8 million colors in the led lights and I can't change them at all. I tried to install the first link on your gaming keyboards page for the k70 and it froze halfway through installing. I also tried to install the first link on your gaming mice downloads page for the m65 and that one froze too. Any help would be appreciated.



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