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How to connect Asus Hero Maximus VIII and H100i GTX


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Hello Guys,


I just completed my build


Asus VIII Hero Maximus

I7 6500K

EVGA 850

Asus Strix 960GT

Gskill Ripjaws 16 GB


I tried to plug in the power from Pump to water header present in motherboard.

Then the other two fan header to the CPU fan and CPU opt fan header in mother board

Then connected the USB to USB port in the motherboard


But once i did all these, I am getting Temperature of 80c if I stay in bois and once I move to OS, I am not in 27c rather getting 50c


Also most of the times I am getting CPU temp error.


Please help whether I have connected the headers properly.


Also I have re applied thermal lots of time and cleaned the CPU with alcohol before I re applied thermal.


So want to know whether my pump died or motherboard has any issues or CPU has any issues.

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1. Connect the 3Pin cable of the CPU block to the motherboard to the CPU / CPU 1 header (ignore the pump header, as Your cooler has his own fan connectors, so use the CPU header instead)

2. Connect Your 2 radiator fans to the CPU cooler block (to the supplied Y connector)

3. In Bios check the Q-Fan (fan settings-fan controller) for CPU, set it to manual (100%) or full or off (no fan control, just full power) as Your pump need the full 12V from the motherboard header

4. Install the CL software

5. Check the pump settings (switch it to performance, should report around 2700 RPM)


If pump set to performance and fans set to balanced mode You should be around up to 40°C in idle and up to 55-60°C under heavier load.





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