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First off, I have the AX860, not the AX860i. I am halfway through my first PC build and it has come time to wire. I have two big questions. All of this is confusing, but these two things are really weird.


One: I have looked through all the included power cables and none of them seem to match the CPU power socket, as far as the squares and round holes go. The cable cable splits into 2 4-pin connectors, and one is correct, but one should have 2 square connectors and is 4 round connectors instead.


Two: I finally found the PCI-E 6+2 pin Cable for my GPU (i have a 980 ti), but there is no PCI-E 6 pin only cable included.


I don't know if they were forgotten, or if I am just stupid, since this is my first build. Please help

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