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Help Please!!!


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I know little about computer building but I have replaced items in them.

Our son has a HP Pavilion 500PC for Christmas we got him the Corsair CX750M to up grade the power for the new Radeon R9390 graphics card. Well got some issues with the connecting of the wires. One of the power plugs from the power unit needs to be a 4 pin and that is where I am running into the problem. Well It would seem I can not figure that part out. The paper that came with the power unit were just warrenty information and saftey information. I would like to get this all done up for him but right now I am tired and need sleep plus I feel like I am trying to fit the round peg into the square hole. the 4 pin plug in on the board has ATX CPU next to it. Would be great if I could find instructions that would cover the CX750M and this HP model. We would greatly appreciate any help.


Thank you.

Hope your Christmas was all you was expecting.

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