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Textured Space Bar 2 months


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Hey all,


first of all Merry Christmall to everyone!


I received my K70 (non RGB) keyboard 24 december and maked a ticket at https://corsair.secure.force.com for a textured space bar. Well, I got a message that my replacement has been processed.


But now it comes:

Scheduled Shipping Date: 02/26/2016


2 months to send a textured space bar? My mate (who told me to buy the K70 and lives 6 km from me), got it within 3 days.


Is there something went wrong?



Thanks in advance!









Sorry for my bad English as it not my first language :)

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You won't get any reply about it on here. Your best option is to reply to the ticket and ask for an update. Or did you do that already? If so you might want to PM either Corsair Henry or James with your ticket ID and see if they can check it.


actually i dont think James handles RMA anymore. should be Greybeard or Technobeard.

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