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H100I GTX Pump rpm?


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Hello guys,


Got a new H100I GTX Pump for my 6700k I wanted to ask about the cooler pump RPM is 1700-1800 RPM ok on quiet mode and 2780 RPM on performance? sound wise the performance is tolerable (hardly notice the whine) and well quiet is quiet.


Temp wise cooler temp is around 32-34c when playing video games and cpu temp is around 41.5-(50 rarely)

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Have also H100i GTX on core i5 3570K (no overclock, just standard turbo on).

My pump RPM is on performance mode 2760 (+/- 20).

My temps during playing:

- CPU temp up to 50°C during SW Battlefront at 4K (100% utilisation of 4 cores -multiplayer)

- Cooler temp goes up maximally to 35°C after 3-4 hours of play (using custom fan profile, up to 34°C have only 50% of fan speed)


So I think You have good temps,





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