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I bought the Voyager Air WiFi hard drive for my wife. We both use Apple devices, but we can not locate the app on the app store. How can I get it? Does the company even support Apple devices anymore?


From what I can tell, the app is no longer in the Apple store. I go to the download page on this website and click on my product. I see the Android app to download but not the Apple one. Any ideas? I hate to have to return this. The review for the product were really good. Thank you.

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I too have just purchased a Voyager Air in the UK for use with Apple iPhone and iPad only to find that the App is not available in the appStore, that there is no UK support and the standard contact arrangements involve me providing many details which I am not happy to do given differences in US data protection. I called via Skype toll free, but got an answering machine which wanted me to leave a number, so wasn't sure if that would work or ever be used and I might just wait forever.

So, what I would like to know is, does anyone know how long the investigation might take? I would have thought since the 25th was long enough for at least an update on why nothing has been reported. With no answer soon, the Air will be on it's way back to the store as not fit for purpose, as without the app it is no use to me.


Thanks in advance if anyone can provide an update on this.


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