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OBS Scene Hotkey question.


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I recently bought a K95 RGB (It's great), and was wondering if it was possible for me to use the macro keys (G1-18) as hotkeys to switch between scenes while streaming, so I don't have to use my number pad. This is because my number pad is bound to things in game, so I often accidentally switch scenes when, for example, I buy a gun in CS:GO.


Thanks, Hessen. :biggrin:



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If you can change the hotkeys in OBS to function keys e.g. F13, F14 etc, you should be able to use the G-keys to switch your scenes while freeing your numpad keys.


To remap the G-KEYS to function keys.

In the assignments tab, hover over the G-key > right click > remap > typing key > function key > FXX > ok > Set the profile as default or assign the profile to an application.

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